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Sikanda is a 3D top-down Action-Adventure with RPG elements, inspired by famous Japanese SNES classics of the 90s. The game takes place on a fantasy island called "Galintrea" and tells the story of a young hero who incidentially found an ancient sword named "Sikanda". Throughout the adventure, the hero unlocks several skills for "Sikanda" to transform it into powerful weapons and tools. All of them are invaluable instruments in order to fight their way through dungeons and encountering fierce enemies. As the very existence of the island gets threatened by a group of sinister strangers, the hero not only will have to accept that "Sikanda" is the only way to stop them but also that there is a connection between their world, the mysterious sword and the hero's own fate...


Prototyping for Sikanda already began in 2014, long before there was a clear idea of where the game is heading and how aspirational it will turn out in the end. Started as a hobby project while working full-time in a game development company, ideas began to manifest throughout 2015 and a full draft of the story and the core gameplay mechanics were formulated in 2016. This was also when ambitions started to become more serious. In order to have more time for working on Sikanda, Stefan quit his job and took on freelancing opportunities. With the announcement of the Nintendo Switchâ„¢ it became immediately clear that this platform perfectly matches the target audience and the spirit of the game. Since 2017, development is taking great steps forward into delivering a product with great gameplay experience made by a small group of dedicated people.


  • Players can choose their character (boy or girl) and guide them through a journey with lots of distractions and non-linear progression.
  • Environment design is based on gameplay mechanics to deliver the best possible experience to the player.
  • Realtime action battles will challenge players' skills in fast tactical decision making.
  • Tons of side-quests, hidden treasures, secret passages - exploration is encouraged and will be rewarded!
  • Lovely hand-painted models with a great sense for details shows our affection for the world we build.
  • An epic soundtrack that will turn each moment of the game into a pleasure.
  • An intriguing, character-driven story that holds unexpected twists will keep players attached even after finishing the game.


There are currently no trailers available for Sikanda. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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About Dyadic Games

Dyadic Games is an Indie Game Studio based in Graz, Austria, with an overseas office located in Taipei, Taiwan. We are both enthusiastic developers and passionate gamers who love what we do. Our first game is named Sikanda, an Action Adventure/RPG for consoles and PC.

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Sikanda Credits

Stefan Kohl
Project Lead / Writer / Game Designer / Programmer

Phil Svantesson
Concept Artist

Kaiheng Lin
3D Environment Artist

Allen Tseng
3D Environment Artist

Juo Wu
3D Environment Artist

Annie Shen
3D Environment Artist

Weilin Zhou
3D Character Artist

Dechi Lu
3D Character Artist

Eric Wu
3D Character Animator

John Trevor Tsai
2D/UI Artist

Wei Ji
Software Engineer

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